School Vision/Ethos

Our vision

Our children will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a resilient member of society. We strive to create an inclusive culture where our pupils are passionate and enthusiastic learners; they work hard to achieve success and our staff work hard to ensure we provide an excellent, exciting education for all.

Our curriculum provides a rich knowledge through the teaching of individual subjects and our wider curriculum and provision provides a fully rounded education that supports every child to grow personally and socially as well as academically.

Our mission

  • We will deliver a high quality, rounded education.
  • We will have a progress driven environment.
  • We will learn from mistakes.
  • We will encourage our children to take risks.
  • We will experience competition including through the medium of sport.
  • We will expose our children to different cultures.
  • We will enrich the lives of our children through experiences.
  • We will ensure children’s wellbeing is supported.
  • We will be a rights-respecting school.
  • We will ensure all children pass their phonics test.
  • We will provide children with the opportunity to perform.

Our values

We celebrate progress

Pupils and staff are celebrated for their progress both academically and in extracurricular exploits. We do not praise academic performance but the effort and progress one makes on their individual journey. 

We value diversity 

All cultures are embraced and the school community talks about its diversity and similarities. We actively celebrate different cultures throughout the school year and draw upon expertise of our children to share their positive experiences.

We embrace challenges

Staff and pupils look to challenge themselves in every aspect of their lives. This can range from learning to tie their shoelaces to solving algebraic problems. Every member of the school community will embrace challenges and be supported to learn from their mistakes.

We have the highest expectations

We strive for excellence and support all members of our community to have the highest expectations of themselves and others. We truly believe that everyone is capable of achieving more than they thought possible regardless of their starting point or perceived barriers. Every child will have the highest aspirations and be supported by all adults to achieve these goals.

What you will see


  • Children will use the vocabulary of our values and be progress driven. 
  • Children will show their highest expectations in their work by using green pen to correct and improve their work. 
  • Children  will be able to talk about their challenges and how they chose to embrace them. 
  • Children will talk confidently about challenging themselves and how they receive rewards for doing this.
  • Children will understand their rights and be able to have conversations around these.


  •  Staff will be using the vocabulary of our values and be progress driven.
  •  Staff will have the highest expectations of children's  work and attitudes. 
  •  Staff will praise pupils for having the highest expectations and will expect pupils to raise expectations when necessary.
  •  Staff will be focused on supporting colleagues and children's well-being.
  •  Staff will model behaviour and attitudes they want to see in their children.