Cobholm Primary Academy's Reception and Year 1 pupils will receive tablets to support phonics development

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November 9th 2020

Our Reception and Year 1 pupils will receive handheld computer tablets to support their phonics development. We believe the tablets will transform the way children learn in school and at home. 

Tablets enrich learning and increase engagement through: 

  • Faster visualisation 

  • Boosting creativity and enhancing computer skills

  • Effectively monitoring pupil progress 

  • Equalising access to the curriculum

  • Increased collaboration between pupils, teachers and their families.  

Jordan Sullivan, Cobholm Primary Academy's Head of School, said: “We are ecstatic to be able to offer this resource to support our children and their parents at home. Not only will it help with understanding the curriculum and development of their phonics skills but it will also develop the digital skills pupils need for the future.” 

The pupils will receive their tablets in January 2021.