Cobholm Primary Academy, Great Yarmouth, is donating to Voluntary Norfolk’s Make It Happen team

May 4th 2020

A generous £70k donation has been made to the Inspiration Trust family of schools - which we are a part of - to help us to support our communities during the coronavirus crisis. Each of the 14 schools within the trust has received a donation of £5k.

The school is donating £5,000 to Voluntary Norfolk’s Make It Happen team, who work in the Cobholm area.

Louise Scott, Principal of Cobholm Academy, said: "We're extremely grateful for this donation and would like to make sure it helps as many people across our community as possible. Therefore, we are donating £5,000 to the Make It Happen team that work in and around Cobholm. This organisation does incredible work to support communities in response to the Covid-19 pandemic - we hope this donation helps."

Lauren Randall from The Make It Happen team at Voluntary Norfolk said: "We are delighted to receive this generous donation from the Inspiration Trust and will consult with local people and groups about how we can best share these funds during this difficult time. We have built strong links in the Cobholm community and this donation will enable our team to respond directly to local needs."

The Team is part of the pioneering Neighbourhoods That Work project, a partnership between Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the local voluntary sector and builds on a long history of working with residents and community groups to build resilience and cohesion.